Summer Camp Registration

After calling (828) 459-1125 to confirm registration for camp, please fill out the information below.

In the event of a medical situation due to illness or accident to your child, we will need your consent to ensure immediate medical treatment. Please read the statement below, and type your full name in the correct space on the registration form to verify that you understand our policy.

I understand that the 2020 Summer Camp is operated by the employees of Rock Barn Country Club & Spa. I understand should an accident, illness, or medical emergency arise, the Summer Camp Staff will try to notify me immediately. However, in the event I cannot be reached by telephone, I authorize any medical or surgical treatment, x-rays, examinations, prescription drugs, etc., deemed necessary by licensed medical professionals. I hereby waive any and all liability, claim, actions or damages against Rock Barn Country Club & Spa, its officers, directors, employees, staff and affiliates involving injury while participating in the 2020 Summer Camp.


Type your full name to confirm that you read and understand the Medical Waiver information.