Policies & Procedures

The Spa opens to the public on January 1st, 2020.
Now accepting appointments. (828) 459-9150 / spa@rockbarn.com

Rock Barn members get a sneak peek, with services available beginning December 9th, and the Spa Deck opening on December 16th. December 9th-December 16th is VIP week: Members receive 50% off massages & facials, and 35% off nails. Regular pricing after December 16th.

Gift cards can be purchased online any time.
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Are there medical benefits?  Many of our treatments can ease aches and pains, and are designed to reduce stress. 

What do I need to bring?  A bathing suit is required for the spa pool area. Locker room amenities include lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, disposable razors, and towels. A robe and slippers are provided. Please return to the locker to avoid a fee of $25 for slippers and $60 for the robe. 

Can I request a male or female therapist? Yes, you may specify your preference when booking. If for any reason we are not able to meet a certain request, we will contact you with alternative options. 

How will the Spa protect my privacy? The men’s and women’s locker rooms are separate, each with saunas and steam rooms. We also have a very strict no cell phone or electronics policy for the pool area.

Do I have to disrobe entirely for my spa treatment? This is completely up to your discretion. If you prefer, you may keep undergarments or a swimsuit on. Guests on the pool deck are asked to wear a swimsuit or undergarments under their robe.

Can I wear makeup? You are welcome to wear makeup, but during services such as facials it may be removed. 

Can I wear jewelry? We ask that you do not bring any valuables to the Spa. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

May I ask a therapist to make adjustments to improve my comfort? Absolutely. Therapists can adjust the lighting, temperature, music, or the amount of pressure they apply during treatment.

Can I visit the Spa if I am pregnant? Yes, but you may want to avoid treatments with deep pressure as well as hydrotherapy treatments involving heat. Please notify us when you book your reservation.

How can I book an appointment?  Call or email our spa desk, or contact us at www.rockbarn.com. We require a valid credit card to hold the appointment, including for Day Passes.

Will consuming alcohol enhance my spa visit? While we do offer alcoholic beverages, we like to believe your spa experience will be amazing with or without. We also do not allow any outside drinks to be brought in.

Do I need to make spa appointments in advance? To ensure availability of treatment, it is necessary that you schedule your appointment in advance to your visit.

What treatments are best for me? Our spa coordinators can offer treatment suggestions, and explain packages or seasonal specials.

When should I arrive for my appointment?  Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first appointment to allow time to check in, change, and complete consultation paperwork. Many of our guests arrive early enough to spend time in the spa pool before their appointment. Late arrivals will result in shortened treatment times. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be charge 100% of the booked service. 

Can I use the Spa if I have medical issues or disabilities? Yes! Let the spa coordinator know of any special needs at the time of booking. Upon arrival, guests fill out a consultation form to notify the therapist of any medical issues.

Which services include access to the spa pool area? Any treatment that is at least $150 includes access to spa amenities. 

Salt Cave Policies. Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to an appointment. Late arrivals will not be able to access the salt cave. Once a session has begun, the door will remain shut until the next scheduled session. Ages 0- 18 are allowed in the salt cave, and must be accompanied by an adult.

Gift Card Policies. Cards expire 5 years from the date of purchase. Seasonal packages have an expiration date, but the cash value of the gift card can be applied to other Spa services. 

I have a gift card for a service or package that I don’t want. Gift cards can be used for Spa services, goods, and food, as well as in the Golf Shop and at Sue’s Grill.
My gift card was lost/stolen. Keep a copy of the receipt so that we can access the card balance online in the case of a lost or stolen card.

Rock Barn Members receive a discount on spa services (excluding spa packages and specials). All prices, services, and hours of operation at The Spa are subject to change without notification. Before your appointment, please read the Spa Policies and Procedures.
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