"Take Time for Yourself" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: A 9% Facility Fee will be added to the total bill (with the exception of retail purchases) to offset increased processing fees and product expenses due to the additional efforts currently required to create a safe and healthy environment for our guests. 

Where are you located? We are located at 3779 Golf Drive NE, Conover, NC 28613, off I-40 interstate at Rock Barn Country Club & Spa.
Are you open to the public? Yes, but reservations are required and must be made in advance.

Making an Appointment

Does The Spa accept Groupons or Spa Finder? We do not accept either nor do we accept cash value of the Group-ons or Spa Finders.   For discounted rates on Spa services, our Spa packages of combined services offer the best deals. GroupOn or Spa Finder Day Passes will not be accepted at this location. 
How do I make an appointment?  Call our Spa desk, at 828-459-9150, or you may book SOME services online by visiting 
https://na.spatime.com/rbcs8613/5118738/home A valid credit card number is required to make an appointment along with first and last names of each guest, their email and phone and choice of service or package options. We cannot hold or book appointments with only a valid cc OR only with your name and services. All bookings are first come first serve basis. Appointments booked 90 days out are subject to change. Guests will be contacted regarding any change impacting their reservation. Final confirmation will be sent out within 60 days of the scheduled appointment.  
A 50% deposit will be taken when booking your appointment. A valid credit card must be presented when booking.

Spa Cancellation Policy: If an individual, or groups of 4 or less, cancels or reschedules BEFORE OR AT 5pm THREE DAYS prior to their appointment, you will receive their deposit back. If you cancel or reschedule PAST 5pm THREE days prior to appointment, you will lose your deposit. You must receive an email stating your appointment has been cancelled. Groups of 5 or more must call to cancel or reschedule BEFORE OR AT 5 pm SEVEN DAYS prior to their appointment, you will receive a deposit back. The spa has limited space; therefore, it is important that you cancel within reasonable time so that other guest may have the opportunity to book. 
For cancellations, it is extremely important that when you leave a voice message or email for the cancellation, it is your responsibility to provide a cancellation number. You must provide proof of a cancellation confirmation number to receive refund. Please check your spam or junk folder for the confirmation cancellation number. All Spa cancellation policys applies to Rock Barn CC and SCC members but not the deposit. 

However, if a deposit is not applied to any bookings and a credit card, or valid member number, is placed to hold a booking, you will be charged 50% if you do not cancel three days prior to your booking for individual or four people or less. For groups of five or more must call to cancel or reschedule BEFORE OR AT 5pm SEVEN DAYS, or you will be charged 100% of the booking. 

What is the check in process?
After checking in you will be taken by an attendant to your assigned locker room and given a tour of the Spa. You will be handed your itinerary for the day. Please fill out and sign your consultation and policy acceptance form. If you have preordered food as group – it will be served on the spa Hydrotherapy deck along with your beverages. A la cart beverages can also be ordered directly on the Spa Hydrotherapy deck with our serving staff. Please arrive an hour to 30 minutes before your service time. If you have 9am service, please arrive NO later then 8:30am Monday to Saturday. If you have appointments at 11am on Sunday, please arrive at 10:15am.

This is our hour of operations, with your packages you will have all day access to the spa, you may enjoy the Hydrotherapy pool circuit before and after your scheduled services.

  • Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 9 am - 7 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm

Do I need to make appointments in advance? Appointments are required to ensure availability of Spa services, including Spa hydrotherapy circut and salt cave.
How do I know if my appointment is booked? You will be sent a confirmation email with a confirmation number, and you will receive a confirmation call few days before your appointment as a reminder. Please also check your email spam or junk mail box for your confirmation and your text. If you have not received it please contact the Spa at 828-459-9150 and we will resend the confirmation for your records. 
When should I arrive for my appointment?  Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first appointment to allow time to check in, change into one of our Spa robes, and complete a health history questionnaire. Late arrivals will result in shortened treatment times.
Do you text to remind guests of their appointments? As we do give courtesy text to remind you of your appointment, you are still obligated to your appointment time unless you cancel. Our staff will text at least 48 hours in advance. Please do not hesitate to call the Spa at 828-459-9150 if you need to check on your appointment. We require a cell number in order to send confirmations , office or home land lines will not be accepted. 
Will we get a confirmation for our reservation?  Yes, you will recieve a confirmation number via email. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive it. 
Please call the Spa at 828-459-9150 or email spafrontdesk@rockbarn.com and we can resend your confirmation number and email.
May I use the Spa if I have health issues or disabilities? Let the Spa professional know of any health issues when you make an appointment. Each guest will fill out a health history form upon entry where you can list your health issues. The therapist will address any concerns with you prior to treatment.
I have a large group. Can we come to the Spa together? Yes but groups with 5 or more guests are only allowed to purchase 3 day passes. Any additional guests over 3 in your group must purchase services.
Are there discounts for groups?  Due to the limited availability and space, there are NO discounts for groups. However you may still book your social or corporate group Spa outing in advance. There is a mandatory 22% gratuity required for 5 or more that book in groups. Please be mindful of other guests at the Spa. Also note that the Spa does not tolerate loud yelling, screaming, splashing, jumping, cannonballs, chicken fights, or any diving in our pools or water features. Groups must be respectful to other guests of the spa. All groups are required to adhere to our spa policy and required to turn in preordered cafe menus a week prior to your booking. We cannot guarantee lunch will be accommodated at same time, it depends on the service bookings.
Please fill out the group booking inquiry forms and submit. Our group coordinator will contact you. Once the primary contact  connects with our group coordinator, before booking groups, a docusign will be sent with all the policy and information and we will need the docusign forms back before group bookings are finalized. 

Can I call to book appointments for my group? One person can call to book for a group but they will need to pay the 50% deposit for each person. If this is an issue, have each person in your group call to pay the 50% deposit or their service. We will NOT hold spots for groups. When booking your group, you will need each person's first and last name, email address, phone number, the service or package option, and the 50% deposit per person. 

Your credit card authorization must be received within 24 hours to secure your group’s reservations. 
50% of the total group services are due upon receiving the credit card authorization form. 
The other 50% (including 9% facility fee & taxes) will be due on the date of services. 
Failure to send proper information will VOID reservations & credit card authorization. 
If you select to depart from Rock Barn Country Club & Spa without completing your payment requirements, we will charge the authorized credit card for the full amount of your total charges and/or damages if applicable. 
For groups of 5 or more, a 22% group gratuity is required and will be dispersed amongst our service providers and our spa floor staff and servers. If you would like to tip extra (on top of the required 22%) to certain providers or staff, then you may do so by indicating it to our front desk staff. 
Upon booking, please indicate MALE, FEMALE OR NO PREFERENCE for all MASSAGES.  
You will receive an itinerary after the booking process has been completed, please check your spam folder if you did not receive it in your email. You will also receive a confirmation number for your group and everyone in the group. 
For all Group Bookings, please click here.

Check Out Process:
Please be patient on check out- groups checking out at one time individually make take longer, unless one person or company is paying for everything. It is important that you understand that your deposit can be applied at checkout to the credit holder only / primary contact OR it can be individually split up amongst everyone in the group BUT we will need to know that in advance, before your group booking and taking the deposit.
If you have packages, most packages include lunch and beverage and will be deducted upon your check out. Any items ordered beyond your package, you will be charged accordingly. The facility fee and gratuity is not included with package price or any a la carte service, facility fee will be added upon check out and gratuity is optional.
Do I need the same credit card that I used for my deposit to check out?  You will need to present the same card you used for the deposit. All card holders must have ID with them and it must be matched to the card.

Spa Day and Evening Passes
Due to the increase of day and evening pass bookings for weekends and the limited space, weekend rates have changed: 
Friday to Sunday rate change Day & Evening Pass Price 

  • Weekend Day Passes (Friday-Sunday) are $200 per person (Open to close with all day Hydrotherapy Circuit access in addition to the Salt Cave, lunch, 2 drinks, and chocolate covered strawberries)  Does not include premium alchohol
  • Weekend Evening Passes are $125 per person (Includes 1 drink only: wine, beer, or champagne). Evening passes times are 2 pm to close.
  • Week Day Passes (Monday-Thursday) are $175 per person (Open to close with all day Hydrotherapy Circuit access in addition to the Salt Cave, lunch, 2 drinks, and chocolate covered strawberries) Does not include premium alcohol.
  • Week Day Evening Passes are $100 per person (Includes 1 drink only: wine, beer, or champagne). Evening passes times are 2 pm to close.
Gratuity and facility fee not included in price.

I have a Day Pass voucher. How do I know if I can still use it?  Due to limited availability, The Spa is not accepting comped paper day passes until further notice. All day passes has to be purchased and booked through the Spa front desk. 

Spa Treatments & Services

Are there medical benefits to Spa treatments?  Many of our treatments can ease aches and pains, alleviate congestion, and are designed to reduce stress. 
What treatments are best for me? Our Spa professionals can offer treatment suggestions and explain packages or seasonal specials.
May I ask a therapist to make adjustments to improve my comfort? Your comfort is our priority. Therapists are able to adjust the lighting, temperature, music, or the amount of pressure applied during your treatment.
May I request a male or female therapist? Yes, you may specify your preference when making your appointment. If for any reason we are not able to meet your request, we will contact you with alternative options. 
How will the Spa protect my privacy? The men’s and women’s locker rooms are separate, each with saunas and steam rooms. We also have a strict  use of the cell phone policy or electronics guideline policy. Please do not take take pictures or video other guest. Do not talk loudy or play music from your phone in any parts of the facility. If you violate this policy you will be asked to leave the premises and still be required to pay the full balance due on your reservations and services. 
Do I have to disrobe entirely for my Spa treatment? Your therapist may offer suggestions based on the treatment, but disrobe to your comfort level. Swimsuits are required on the hydrotherapy circuit. Salt Cave guests can be fully clothed or wear undergarments under their robe. 
Are your service providers certified and trained? Yes, our services are all trained and certified. They are all independent contractors and also all individually fully insured. 

If I come with someone or a group, can the appointments be at the same time? We will do our best to accommodate but cannot make any promises due to booking. Scheduling will depend on our time slot availability. 
If we get our services at the same time, is it a couples massage? No, receiving massages at the same time is different from booking a couples massage.
What is a couples massage? It is a massage in an adjoining room with the door open. The massages must be the same type of massage for both people. We only offer Swedish Couples Massages and Hot Stone Couples Massages. It will state that it is a couples massage.
Can I get a certain package upgraded to a couples massage? No. Our promotions are prices per individual services only unless otherwise stated it is a couples massage.

Please inform your reservations representative IMMEDIATELY and prior to your visit, if you are pregnant, nursing, under a physician’s care, or have mobility difficulties.

At the Spa for Your Visit

What do I need to bring?  A bathing suit is required for the Spa hydrotherapy circuit. Locker room amenities include lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, disposable razors, and towels. A robe and slippers are provided for those receiving Spa services or utilizing the Spa Hydrotherapy Circuit. Please return your robe and slippers to your assigned locker before leaving to avoid a fee of $25 for slippers and $60 for the robe. 
Can I bring my water bottle, Yeti cup, or cooler? Outside food and drink are not allowed. Spa attendants can provide water, and the Spa Café menu offers a range of beverages and food items for your visit. Guests with these personal items will be asked to return them to their lockers.
May I wear makeup? During services such as facials, makeup may be removed. 
May I wear jewelry? We ask that you do not bring valuables to the Spa. The Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Does the Spa have Lost & Found? No. The Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We will not mail or hold any items. 
Will consuming alcohol enhance my spa visit? We offer a range of specialty alcoholic beverages, but your Spa experience will be equally rewarding with one of our teas or fresh juices. Outside drinks are not allowed in the Spa. 
If we feel a guest has consumed too much alcohol, we reserve the right to stop serving that person. It’s important that spa guests understand and acknowledge that a Massage therapist have a right to turn down a massage to anyone intoxicated. You will still be billed for that massage. Please drink responsibly and watch your alcohol intake. While drinks are included with your packages, excess consumption of alcohol is not recommended. 
What are the temperatures of the pools? The cold plunge is set to 65° Fahrenheit; the main pool is 90° Fahrenheit; the outdoor and indoor jacuzzis are set to 104° Fahrenheit; and the waterfalls are set to 101° Fahrenheit.
Are your pools salt water or chlorine? Our pools are all salt water. We use salt to make the chlorine. A chemical reaction turns the salt to chlorine. 
May I use my cell phone or I-pad?  All cell phones are NOT allowed to be used in the locker room.  Cell phones can be used on the hydrotherapy circuit at discretion. Taking pictures of other patrons are absolutely not allowed and violates guests privacy. You may use your I-pad or Kindle to read on the hydrotherapy circuit. 
Can I bring my own bottle of wine? You can but there is a $30 corking fee.
How will you handle disruptive guests? If a group continues to be loud and disruptive, after receiving multiple complaints, they will be asked to leave the Spa.
Will I ever be turned away from enter the Spa? We can deny you access to the Spa if you are tipsy, or drunk, when you arrive. We will ask you to reschedule your appointment for another day.

Hours or days after massage? In some cases, clients who are feeling sick after a massage may even vomit and experience muscle aches. While it's unpleasant, these symptoms are often a sign that the massage was effective in doing one of its key tasks: removing metabolic waste from the muscle tissue via the lymph nodes.

Hydrotherapy Spa Deck Access

What is hydrotherapy? 

Hydrotherapy is the practice of using warm water immersion, such as soaking in a hot tub or spa, to help treat a wide range of ailments such as high blood pressure, anxiety, aching joints, and sore muscles.

Hydrotherapy for arthritis in particular is often recommended by physicians, as it helps alleviate many of the symptoms of arthritis. Many people with active lifestyles take advantage of the many hydrotherapy benefits; it reduces post-workout soreness, aids in muscle recovery, and is often used in physical therapy. Finally, hydrotherapy is a great stress-reducer and has been shown to relieve anxiety and promote feelings of well-being.

Which services include access to the Hydrotherapy Circuit? Guests with services totaling $175 or more have access to the Spa hydrotherapy circuit.

Can I reserve chairs on the Hydrotherapy Circuit while I'm receiving treatments? Chairs on the Spa deck cannot be reserved while guests are receiving treatments. Chairs are first come, first served for guests using the hydrotherapy circuit amenities.

Can I work out in pool area? No, Water aerobics and working out in the spa pool is NOT allowed. The spa pool facilities is meant primarily for relaxation.
What is included on the Hydrotherapy Circuit? There is an indoor saltwater pool, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, two waterfalls, a cold plunge, steamrooms and saunas in each locker room for men and women. These features are included with services totaling $175 or more.
Are there weight limits? The salt cave zero gravity chairs have a 500 pound weight limit. Our massage tables have a 400 pound weight limit.
What are your robe sizes? The majority of the robes are one size fits most, we provide XXL and we do have a select few of 4 and 5 XL robes.


Pregnant or Pumping

May I visit the Spa if I am pregnant? Yes, but you may want to avoid treatments with deep pressure as well as hydrotherapy treatments involving heat. If you are pregnant, please notify us when scheduling your appointment.
May I breast pump while at the Spa? Yes, however depending on room availability we cannot always provide a private room for pumping, and offer a designated space in the refrigerator for storage.  



Vaccinations - Employees and Guests
The decision to be vaccinated is a personal choice and vaccinations are not mandated for our employees or guests. We do not ask for proof of vaccinations. 
Service Providers
While some of our staff have chosen to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status at the Spa, we believe this falls under the category of medical information and is kept confidential. Therefore, the Spa is not able to respond to requests from guests for a service provider who has been vaccinated. As a guest of the Spa you do have the right to ask a service provider if he or she has been vaccinated, but that service provider is under no obligation to respond. 

If you are sick or have contracted COVID-19, please call the front desk to let us know. You can reschedule for another date but if you cancel your appointment within 72 hours, you must follow our cancellation policy. 


What is the spa's capacity?  The spa can hold up to 250 people but we only allow a limited amount of people due to seating capacity and comfort level. For booking purposes we can only allow certain amount of guest. 
Spring / Late Fall / Winter Months (Nov to Mid April) : 65 capacity
Spring / Summer / Early Fall Months (Mid April to October): 85 capacity  
Seating Inside: 31 lounge chairs, 32 chairs for tables (dining)
Seating Outside: 17 lounge chairs, 20 chairs for tables (dining) 

Chairs must not be saved while you are in service.
Guests who do not have services will need chairs. If you are using the pool or waterfall, please do not save chairs. Chairs are used for lounging purposes. If you are not at a chair for more than 30 minutes, and another spa guest needs a chair, your items will be removed and placed at front desk. Please be considerate of other guests while at on the hydrotherapy circuit deck. 

If the spa is at capacity, we cannot accept any bookings or give RB members access to the deck area. However we can place guests and members on wait list. 

Salt Cave

What are the Salt Cave policies? Acceptable attire is either your clothing or a Spa robe with undergarments. Socks are recommended. The temperature in the room is between 58 to 65 degrees. If you enter with wet swimsuits you will be colder them most. You will also hear a buzzing sound from the halogenrator grinding the medical grade salt to disperse throughout the room. IF YOU HAVE SENSTIVE HEARING WE SUGGEST USING THE EARPLUGS, PLEASE ASK OUT ATTENDENTS FOR SOME COMPLIMENTARY EAR PLUGS.  Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment. Late arrivals will not be able to access the Salt Cave once a session has started. The door will remain closed until the next scheduled session. With an appointment, children aged 0 - 18 years are allowed in the Salt Cave with an adult. For information about the benefits of halotherapy, click here.


Gift Cards

Where can I purchase an online gift card? Click here.
What happens if my gift card is lost? If you have the receipt for your gift card we can look up your balance and issue another gift card for that amount. You will need to provide the following: Month, day, and year it was purchased, who purchased, whom it was purchased for, amount, last 4 digits of the credit card, and how it was purchased.
What if don’t want the Spa service on my gift card? Gift cards can be used for Spa services, retail items, or items at the Spa Cafe.
I lost my gift card. Will the Spa replace or refund? The Spa cannot replace or refund for missing physical gift cards. 
I have decided that we do not want the gift card now, can I receive a refund?  We cannot refund any gift cards uner any circumstances. All gift card sales are final.
Will the Spa hold my physical gift card until I can pick it up? The Spa does not hold physical gift cards. If you would like a physical gift card, please stop by the Spa or purchase through our PayPal gift card link. You can also purchase an eGift card that will be emailed to you. 

Children at the Spa

Can children use the Spa? Children 8-16 may receive a manicure or pedicure, provided the parent or legal guardian sign a waiver release form and remain in the building throughout the service. They may not use the locker rooms or hydrotherapy circuit. Children 17 years old may receive a manicure, pedicure, massage, or facial, provided the parent or legal guardian signs a waiver release form and remains in the building throughout the service. They may use the locker room if accompanied by an adult. Children under 18 are not permitted in the hydratheraphy circuit.

Spa Pricing

Pricing, spa services, and hours of operation are subject to change without notification. Holiday and peak pricing will vary.
If you have further questions or concerns, please email Spafrontdesk@rockbarn.com or call 828-459-9150

Rock Barn Country Club & Spa Members receive discounted pricing. All prices, services, and hours of operation at The Spa are subject to change without notification.
For parties of 5 or more, there is an automatic gratuity of 22% for spa services or visit https://www.rockbarn.com/Spa/Group_Events_at_the_Spa 
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